How do I download an app to my smart TV?

Samsung Smart TVs include SmartHub from which you’ll be able to use the online search feature, install and utilize different programs, watch videos and photos, or listen to audio stored on external storage devices, and also perform more functions.

Samsung TV programs UI

When Smart Hub is started for the first time, the default programs are automatically installed. The default programs may differ based upon the geographic area and you need to be signed in to your Samsung Account until you begin.

How to Installing a program in your Smart TV

Proceed to the program you want to set up, then press the Select button. The comprehensive data screen appears. After the setup is done, the Open menu looks.

If the TV’s internal memory is inadequate, it is possible to install some particular programs on a USB device. You are able to run a program installed onto a USB device just when the USB device is on the TV.

When the USB device is disconnected in the wise TV while a program is running, the program is terminated. You can’t run a program installed onto a USB device on a PC or a different TV.

Launch and Managing installed programs

To launch your program, can conduct the program needed from Downloaded App section. The icons below look within the chosen program’s icon and indicate the following:

It’s possible for you to handle installed programs.

Eliminating a program

Select a program to delete.

The chosen app is going to be deleted from the Smart TV but make certain that the associated program data can be removed when you remove an program. Additionally, most standard programs cannot be uninstalled.

  • Adding programs to the Home Screen
  • Select a program to include.
  • Select Insert to Home.
  • Subsequent to the Home screen appears, move the chosen app to the desired place.
  • Press that the Select button.
  • Locking and unlocking programs

Select a program to lock or unlock.
The chosen app is unlocked or locked. To unlock or lock a program, enter the PIN.

Moving programs

  • Select a program to proceed.
  • Select Transfer .
  • Transfer the program to the desired position.
  • Press that the Select button.
  • The chosen app is transferred. This function might not be supported in your Smart TV based upon the design or geographic location.

Reinstalling an program

  • Choose the program to set up .
  • Automatically updating programs

To automatically upgrade the installed programs in your own Smart TV, place Vehicle Update into ON. Automatic upgrade is allowed only when the TV is on the web.

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